The Birth Of My Evil Baby – Welcome To Hot Wing Sports

Ah, life after college. Full of the same disappointment and cynicism that ruled my life before college. As a struggling journalism major who has dreams of being a world famous sports writer, I’ve decided to do what many people in my position have ended up doing over the last decade or so: dedicate my time to creating an unprofitable sports blog. Really, all negativity aside, this is probably exactly where I belong, writing about the stuff I want to write about and (hopefully) creating a buzz on the internet whilst doing so.

Image property of Racer X.

Image property of Racer X.

While I have many interests in life, I have decided to focus on three main topics for my website; NFL football, motocross racing, and chicken wings. These make the most sense because, aside from sex, they are the three things I enjoy the most. And it just so happens that the NFL, supercross, and motocross seasons are aligned perfectly throughout the year so that I have something sports-related to write about every week.

Image property of Susan Thinking Out Loud.

Image property of Susan Thinking Out Loud.

In addition, I will unleash my inner fat ass and do reviews about the most delicious food of all time: chicken wings, in every sauce and rub imaginable. I am willing to conquer (or fail) hot wing challenges for your amusement, even at the expense of severe heartburn and infernos in my intestines.

Image property of the NFL.

Image property of the NFL.

I may also post occasionally about other topics that are of interest to me, (such as the NBA, skateboarding, music, alcohol, women, and anything else I may find interesting or humorous), but only if I feel that it’s worthy of wasting our time.

So with that said, welcome to the beginning of the end. I hope I don’t scare you off too soon.


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