Wing Review: Scotty’s Brewhouse

Scotty's Wings

Scotty’s Brewhouse, although most times thoroughly delicious, has a reputation for having a very expensive menu. So when a new location opened up in nearby Mishawaka earlier this year, I wasn’t planning on visiting very often. That is, until I learned about their all-you-can-eat wing special on Mondays.

Normally, 6 wings at Scotty’s would cost you $8.50, a price that I think is a complete rip off no matter how good they are. But on Mondays, you can get as many wings as you can stuff yourself with for the price of $10 even.

Say what? Count me in.

I’ve only made it out to Scotty’s a handful of times since my first experience, but I would have to say that as long as you are a wing fanatic like myself and choose to go on only Mondays, it is well worth it each and every time.

For this installment of Wing Review, I decided to compare three different wing sauces of theirs; spicy bar-b-q, mo’fo’ mustard, and garlic teriyaki.

WING REVIEW (all scores out of 10):

Size: 9

The wings at Scotty’s Brewhouse are among the biggest I’ve eaten at any restaurant, and even at an all-you-can-eat rate someone as constantly hungry as me has trouble downing much more than 20. The only reason I didn’t give them a perfect 10 is because I have eaten bigger once before, and need to reserve a perfect score for those ridiculous occasions.

Texture: 10

Hands down, the best texture I have ever tasted in a wing. The skin is crispy but at the same time not at all hard or tough to break through, and the meat inside is as juicy as I’ve ever experienced. I’m not certain but I have been told that they use peanut oil in their deep frying, which is evident in the taste. They also use the exact right amount of sauce on their wings and it has the exact thickness that a wing sauce should have; you aren’t left with a puddle of greasy fluid on your plate afterword.

FLAVOR REVIEW (per sauce):

Spicy Bar-B-Q: 5

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t necessarily BAD, but compared to other spicy/hot BBQ sauces I’ve had, it had no kick to it at all and anything resembling “hot” was non-existent.

Mo’Fo’ Mustard: 10

I usually tend to stay away from mustard/honey mustard wing flavors because I have experienced horrible ones in the past, but someone suggested this to my friend as the best sauce they had. After trying it, I had to agree. I honestly can’t explain it, you just have to try it.

Garlic Teriyaki: 8

This was one of the best fusions of teriyaki with any other flavor that I have experienced. It had a great sweetness from the teriyaki that was neutralized by the garlic, and it balanced out quite well.


I would definitely recommend checking out Scotty’s Brewhouse for all-you-can-eat wings on a Monday near you. But seriously, only on a Monday. Unless your rich. Which I am not.


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