#4 Auburn Upsets #1 Alabama With “The Play”

It’s already being referred to as “The Play.” And honestly, it just may be the most significant single play in college football history.

On Saturday night in front of a crazy home crowd, Auburn’s Chris Davis returned a missed field goal attempt for a 100-yard touchdown in the final play of the game. Had Alabama made the field goal, they would have won the game, gone to the SEC Championship, and most likely their third consecutive BCS Championship game. Now, bearing a miracle and some unlikely losses, Alabama’s hopes at a three-peat are gone. And just quite possibly, if either Ohio State or Florida State lose in their respective conference championships, Auburn could actually find themselves right back in the title game themselves.

Personally, I’m tired of seeing SEC teams win the BCS Championship and would like the odds to eliminate the possibility of another, but if Auburn ends up getting the nod after all is said and done, I won’t be mad.

All I know is there were probably a LOT of bar fights that broke out all across the state of Alabama last night. The Iron Bowl definitely outplayed it’s own hype this time around.


One thought on “#4 Auburn Upsets #1 Alabama With “The Play”

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