What The Hell Was That???

Yesterday I watched something on TV. I’m sure many of you saw it too. It had a stadium, a field, grown men wearing jerseys… it was something resembling a football game called the Super Bowl. But there’s no way it could have been a football game, much less a championship between a number one offense and a number one defense, right? Because if it was, it was the ugliest and most disgusting title game imaginable.

Image property of USA Today

Image property of USA Today

The league’s best ever offense was completely swarmed on nearly every play and only managed to put up 8 points the entire game. All the records that both Peyton Manning and the Bronco’s offense broke and set this year were all destroyed and forgotten in front of all of America in 60 minutes of play. From the very first snap of the game, resulting in a safety, Denver was doomed. The offensive line gave Manning no protection at all. The running backs couldn’t find a single hole to run through. The wide receivers who actually managed to get open were all running underneath routes, and I can’t tell you how many times I saw one of them catch a pass with only a few yards left to get a first down and decide to run east and west and into Seattle’s defense instead of just diving for the gain.

I’m not sure who was calling the majority of plays for the Broncos offense, whether it was Peyton Manning himself or Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, but it was a complete symphony of moronic conservatism that has no place in a Super Bowl, your last game of the entire season and a must-win, much less while your team is getting absolutely blown out. Screen pass for no gain. Draw for no gain. Screen pass for no gain. Punt. Repeat. WTF? Even in the fourth quarter down by four scores and near the opponents’ 40, the Broncos elected to punt the ball away. Excuse me idiots, but you do realize this is a timed match, right?

And even myself, a long-time Peyton Manning fan who likes to consider him as the greatest player of all time, has within one game become unsure if I will ever be able to call him that again. For years with the Colts, I had to justify and re-justify over and over to my ignorant and uneducated friends why Peyton and his Indianapolis squad were much better than their Cowboys or Bears teams. Apparently, winning only one Super Bowl isn’t enough to solidify a team’s greatness anymore. And with this game, a win for Peyton would have done all the talking for me. He would have cemented his legacy, and I would not have to bring up numerous statistics to back him up ever again. But now, with possibly the most humiliating loss in Super Bowl history given the team offense you had to work with, I myself am considering Manning a post season nightmare. I’m unbelievably happy that the Colts went with Andrew Luck, and for all those in Indy holding on to #18, you can now officially sigh in relief and let go.

I wasn’t going to be upset if the Seahawks won; traditionally, great defenses have the upper hand, and I actually expected them to edge out a slight victory. But a complete annihilation and blowout of the best offense in history from beginning to end? They definitely deserve this championship. They just became the new ’85 Chicago Bears, except even more deadly because we don’t expect this team to self destruct anytime soon. They already have a huge target on their back going into next season, but what’s funny is that whoever they play becomes the targeted.

Peyton said in the post game interview that he wasn’t “embarrassed,” that he hates the word and tried to denote it by claiming that his team has worked unbelievably hard and they should be proud to have made it this far. But he was stuttering and choking on his own words, similar to the way he stuttered and choked in the game. I never had a reason to say this before, but I will definitely say it now; Manning, you SHOULD be embarrassed. 43-8? If that isn’t embarrassing, than I don’t know what is.


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