Wing Review: O’Rourke’s Public House

O'Rourke's Wings

I’ve had very mixed feelings on O’Rourke’s wings since almost every time that I’ve had them they seemed drastically different. One time they were tiny, the next time they were huge, one time the boneless were better, and one time I didn’t even know if the boneless were made from real chicken. Fortunately for O’Rourke’s, I only base my review grades on the trip I take to intentionally review the wings, and this time they were actually on point. Let’s see how well they did according to my ranking system.

WING REVIEW (all scores out of 10):

Size: 7

The traditional wings were much bigger than they had been in the past, about the average size than you would expect from most restaurants.

Texture: 7

Also pretty standard for what you’d expect from a good chicken wing. Not too much sauce to where the wing is drenched but plenty enough to cover it in bold flavor. I’ve had O’Rourke’s wings before that were a little over-cooked and dry, but these were just right.


Jack Daniels: 4

I couldn’t actually tell what it tasted like, but I’ve had my fair share of Jack before and this was not that flavor. I was indifferent about the actual flavor, but I had to deduct points for false advertising.

Jim Beam BBQ: 9

Now this sauce, on the other hand, was packed full of the flavor of the beverage it was named after. Add the classic component of BBQ to the mix and you have yourself one fine wing sauce, unique in flavor and as great as you’d expect.

Buffalo: 8

I am very picky when it comes to buffalo sauces, but this one was on the upper end of the scale. Not too oily, but not too thick and salty either.


Like I stated before in the article, O’Rourke’s wing quality has been all over the place over the past few years, but it is nice to know that they can put out a decent wing when the cooks pay attention to what they’re doing. They would have scored higher if It wasn’t for the mystery sauce incorrectly labeled as “Jack Daniels.”

WARNING: This review is in regard to their traditional wings, not their boneless ones. The boneless “wings” they currently serve resemble perfectly round chicken meatballs, oversoaked in sauce and about 1/2 the size of a real boneless wing. I would probably review them as a zero. Avoid this fake food.


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