Houston Trolls Portland’s Robin Lopez, Hilarity Ensues

Before the series started, even as a Pacers fan I claimed the match up I was most excited to see was the Houston Rockets vs. the Portland Trail Blazers. With two young and very hungry teams with loads of explosive talent looking for respect in the NBA, I knew that these players would give it all they got come playoff time. They didn’t disappoint. The game 1 thriller had Portland down by as many as 13 in the 4th quarter, but it turned into a close battle that went into overtime and was decided by a mere 2 points. Portland came out victorious.

Almost as entertaining were the twitter accounts of both the Rockets and Trail Blazers, both of which I was following¬†throughout the game. I give kudos to the social media managers of both teams, as they blended a perfect line between professional and fanatic, not “crossing the line” but coming close with the hilarious nature of some of their tweets. My favorite one of the night got extra attention on sports blogs (now including this one), when the Houston Rockets trolled Portland’s Robin Lopez:

Robin Lopez Troll

It’s not very often that something I see makes me literally “lol,” but given the way that Lopez had gotten frustrated with the call after it was made, I couldn’t help but make the comparison. I mean really, for a Simpsons character, I think it’s pretty accurate.

Robin Lopez




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